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Wurth USA Announces Upgraded Air Conditioning Line

RAMSEY, NJ (May 2, 2011) Wurth USA, Inc., (WURTH USA) a leading provider of automotive fasteners, shop supplies, and tools, introduced their upgraded Air Conditioning product line as an accompaniment to their Automatic Refrigerant Management System, which was released in April.

Designed to save time and reduce comeback costs, this offering includes a Dual Automatic Recycle Guard, which has a highly-efficient filtering capacity and the convenience of one filter replacement location for time savings.

Also included in the new offering are WURTH Rapid Seal Kits, which were developed to change the way counter personnel and technicians source Sealing Media requirements for AC repair jobs. Searching through box kits for small items can now be a thing of the past. Cataloged by make, model and engine, each kit includes the connections of an entire AC system.

The Mobile Master AC Assortment, which will be available in June, is designed to be easily transported to the vehicle and is comprised of A and B Mover Rapid Seal Kits, covering 80% of models from 1994 through 2010.

The Universal Line Splices are designed to reduce labor and part costs associated with replacing leaking under hood/body metal lines, as they allow for removal of only the damaged sections, enabling the technician to splice the line back together for a permanent, leak-free repair. This specially engineered system does not compromise gas flow capacity throughout the AC line.

The Compressor Guard™ Suction Screen Kit includes a complete line of compressor suction screens to protect replacement compressors that don’t have factory installed screens. The OEM-recommended screen assortment contains the installation and removal tools to reduce comeback costs, making a $10 investment worth over $500 in savings.

The new AC Lubricants include a non-toxic Vacuum Pump Lubricant, which provides low volatility and high resistance to oxidation, and a Hybrid A/C Compressor Lubricant for Hybrid and electric vehicles.

AC Line Aluminum Tubing and Aluminum Tube Repair Kit Inserts (SAE Kits) are also included in the new product offering. There is no need to replace an entire line anymore. WURTH tube sections are offered to meet the diameter requirements of the AC line.

“This update to our AC line is all about innovation and coverage,” stated Daniel Molinari, Product Department Manager, “Our customers will be able to satisfy virtually all of their AC repair and maintenance needs related to C parts with WURTH products.”

About WURTH USA Inc.

WURTH USA Inc. is a supplier of fasteners, body shop supplies, hand tools, chemicals, and electrical supplies for the automotive, cargo, and fleet maintenance industries.

Founded in 1969 as WURTH Fastener Corporation, WURTH USA is headquartered in a 73,000 square foot office/warehouse complex in Ramsey, NJ. With expanded distribution throughout the United States, the Company works together with 500 employees and service more than 40,000 customers.

WURTH USA is part of Würth Group, a world market leader in assembly and fastening materials. The Wurth Group currently consists of 400 companies in 84 countries and has over 62,000 employees worldwide. In the business year 2010, the Würth Group attained a worldwide sales volume of EUR 8.5 billion with 16% growth over the year 2009.

For more information, call 800-987-8487 or visit www.wurthusa.com.