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Wurth USA Introduces Automatic Refrigerant Management System

RAMSEY, NJ (April 1, 2011) Wurth USA, Inc., (WURTH USA) a leading provider of automotive fasteners, shop supplies, and tools, announced today that they are introducing a fully automatic, dual compressor Refrigerant Management System with onboard diagnostics to their product line.

Following in the footsteps of  The Würth Group, the Company is expanding their current offering of top-quality C-Parts to include high-performance tools and equipment with the superior craftsmanship synonymous with the WURTH brand. This introduction begins the rollout of their fully upgraded Air Conditioning product line that will be available in May 2011.

The Automatic Refrigerant System is SAE J2788H and J2788 ETL approved as well as OEM approved for use in high voltage A/C systems. Industry groundbreaking features include a 50 pound storage tank for servicing semi trucks, off road equipment, buses and aircraft; and a twin ½ hp compressor system to recover refrigerant immediately and keep the unit in service in the event of compressor failure.

“With the introduction of our new Automatic Refrigerant Management System, we are continuing with our tradition of providing innovative solutions to our customers”, stated Daniel Molinari, Product Department Manager.

About WURTH USA Inc.

Wurth USA, Inc. is a supplier of fasteners, shop supplies, hand tools, chemicals, and electrical supplies for the automotive, cargo, and fleet maintenance industries.

Founded in 1969 as WURTH Fastener Corporation, WURTH USA is headquartered in a 73,000 square foot office/warehouse complex in Ramsey, NJ. With expanded distribution throughout the United States, the Company works together with 500 employees and services more than 40,000 customers.

WURTH USA is part of The Würth Group, a world market leader in assembly and fastening materials. The Wurth Group currently consists of 400 companies in 84 countries and has over 62,000 employees worldwide. In the business year 2010, the Würth Group attained a worldwide sales volume of EUR 8.5 billion with 16% growth over the year 2009.

For more information, call 800-987-8487 or visit www.wurthusa.com.